Internet Central partners with Barclays to protect more businesses

A city centre seminar is taking place to warn businesses of the increasing threat of cyber crime.

The meeting will be held at Goodwin PLC, in Hanley, on Wednesday, September 20.

It is being staged by Keele-based Internet Central, which has teamed up with banking heavyweight Barclays.

The seminar will host Graeme Brand, regional digital eagle, who will share the top cyber threats to UK businesses, as well as Scott James, from Internet Central, who will teach simple steps to protect businesses from cyber-crime.

Scott said: “Protecting your systems, data and hardware may cost a small amount of time and money.

“But the consequences of a cyber attack can be far more expensive and UK businesses reported more than £1bn in losses from cyber crime last year. While some businesses are lucky enough to recoup some of the money, most businesses aren’t so lucky.

“Internet Central is delighted to be offering this unique seminar with a brand which is synonymous with trust and safety – in an industry where the two are paramount for success and sustainability in business.”

Ant McChie, Barclays Digital Eagle, added: “Barclays has invested £10m in a national advertising campaign to raise awareness of the increasing risk of online fraud and scams, and how citizens across the UK can protect themselves in this digital age.

“While it’s clear that we see many benefits of the digital revolution, the shift in customer behaviour brings unique risks too.”

Businesses wishing to attend should email

Sophie AttwoodComment