Speech writing

Throughout history, the speech has always been one of the most powerful forms of communication. 

Technological, social and economic change has enhanced that power. As digital communication has increased, so speeches have come to sound more authentic and honest. 

Speeches enabled Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Anita Roddick to project their personalities to their brands. 

Speeches enabled David Cameron and Barack Obama to propel themselves to the forefront of next generation Western leadership. 

When a speech goes well, its power is unmatched. 

When it goes wrong? The consequences can be catastrophic. Remember how Gerald Ratner wiped a billion pounds from his company's value after a misjudged speech to the Institute of Directors in 1991?

We can position you as a powerful leader, a rousing visionary or, if you want, a maverick rebel. We can write for your annual results announcement, the launch of your new product or a personal article for your local newspaper to give your brand a face. 

Having written speeches for leading CEO's as well as for sports stars and celebrities, we are the best placed to help you deliver your message in the best possible way for your brand reputation. 

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